BiDAC stays in collaboration both with the scientific-research institutions throughout the world and with the local researchers of the UAE. All of them are listed below

International collaborators

Chinese Academy of Science

Collaborative grant application: Real-time adaptive brachytherapy treatment planning system based on multi-modality image guidance for cervical cancer.

This research proposes a cross-modality segmentation algorithm based on the GAN network. The algorithm can organically integrate the information from different image modalities and segment the pathology. The study will optimize the brachytherapy treatment planning system based on MRI data.

Local investigators in the UAE

Dr. Fatima Al Zahmi, Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology at MBRU, Consultant Neurologist at Mediclinic Parkview hospital, Dubai

Collaborative research: Dr. Fatima Al Zahmi is the primary investigator of the project “Epidemiologic Features and Clinical Course of Patients Infected With SARS-CoV-2 in the United Arab Emirates”.

The active involvement of BiDAC into the study helped to test a set of statistical hypotheses and to deploy a prediction model of the COVID-19 outcomes (e.g., transfer to the ICU). This allows for the early risk stratification at the time of the hospital admission and proper resource allocation.

The study received ethical approval from Dubai Scientific Research Ethics Committee (DSREC), Dubai Health Authority on June 3, 2020, reference number: DSREC-05/2020_25.

Dr. Jamal Aldeen Alkoteesh, Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Radiology at CMHS UAEU, Chair of Department, Clinical Imaging Institute, Chief Medical Officer at Al Ain Hospital

Collaborative research: Dr. Jamal Aldeen Alkoteesh is the primary investigator of the project “The role of Chest CT in triaging and management of Coronavirus Disease 2019(Covid-19) patients”.

The study has ethical approval from the Department of Health Abu Dhabi on May 13, 2020, reference Number: DOH/CVDC/2020/889.