Dr Yauhen Statsenko is an established investigator in diagnosing, rehabilitation and radiology (MRI, sonography).

Ph.D., MD,  Associate Professor of the Radiology Department at College of Medicine and Health Sciences, UAEU e-mail:; Office phone: +971 3 713 7124

His previous research work was focused on mathematical modeling of the regeneration process, early diagnostics methods of disadjustment diseases (acupuncture diagnosing, psychophysiological testing); prediction and treatment sport overtraining syndrome (decrease in adaptation reserve and athletic performance). To predict the professional diseases of athletes, he has classified and studied different markers of disadjustment process, proved the existence of informative laboratory signs of disadjustment.

Dr Statsenko’s experience allows him to expertise the effectiveness of pharmacological and non-pharmacological regenerative methods. Comparing the experimental data, achieved at different models of physical loads and inflammation process, he has checked the advisability of oxygen therapy, shock wave therapy, stress therapy (cryotherapy), homeopathy, and some drugs (adaptogenic, antioxidant and antihypoxant therapy, methylxanthines, natural plant-based tranquilizers) in the sport.

Work as a coordinator in scientific-medical groups that controlled national sports teams in swimming, wrestling, cycling, hockey, handball, and football allowed him to get professional knowledge in information technologies (database architecture) and strong professional skills in programming and medical statistics.

Before applying for the current position, he also worked as an Associate Professor in the Belarusian Medical Academy, lecturing in sport and alternative medicine, radiology.