From Big Data to Big Impact

The world is experiencing an implausible, explosive growth in digital contents and information. There currently exists over 2.7 zettabytes of data and it is thought that the digital universe in 2020 will be 50 times as big as in 2010 and that in this period it will double every two years. This massive amount of data is expected to fundamentally change the research in traditionally qualitative disciplines. Equally, the commercial world is being transformed by a focus on big data, with companies competing on data analytics. The global big data market size was valued at around USD 25.67 billion in 2015 and is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period. It is expected to hit more than 90 billion U.S. dollars in 2026. We are entering a new era of big data analytics and data-intensive computing which has been recognized worldwide.

The UAE is one of the most prepared countries in the region to adopt Big Data technologies because the government has already built a solid technology infrastructure over the past two decades. Investing in big data analytics can radically transform all government services in all fields such as healthcare, medicine, transport and society in general. Known for driving innovation, UAE is exploring the full potential of big data to achieve its ambition to become the world’s happiest and efficient country. The next challenge requires qualified Emirati cadres well-versed with Big Data and Analytics to meet the supreme national interests, affirming that Big Data Analytics applications will engender revenues and provide fresh opportunities for graduates and the national economy.

In response to both technological and scientific challenges as well as the shortage in highly skilled data scientists and analysts which have been acknowledged by various industries and governmental bodies, BiDac is established as an interdisciplinary center. The center is expected to contribute to the preparation of qualified Emarati cardes well-versed with big data analytics to meet the nation interests and benefits.

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Delivery of leading and excellent research contributions to Big Data Analytics.
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Boost the government and private sector performance and the rate of productivity
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Interdisciplinary training of highly skilled and excellent researchers and leaders in the big data analytics area, advanced/predictive analytics, data-intensive computing
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Substantial impact

Provision of a unique highly stimulating environment and opportunities for making a substantial academic and commercial impact as well as developing awareness and breadth of knowledge for both students and staff by assembling a multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral team of academic, commercial and public institutions.
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Promote interactions between industry practitioners and academic researchers.
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Foster private-public collaboration

Our mission

To ingrain a sustained impact through groundbreaking Big Data analytics research and services.